Intro Flights

This is where it all starts. The thrill of 'the magic carpet ride'. Unlike any other aircraft, piloting a gyroplane is unique in itself. In my opinion the gyro is the safest aircraft in the sky. The inventor of the 'autogiro', Juan de la Cierva, set out to make an aircraft that will not stall or spin. Juan succeeded in January of 1923 with the first successful fight of the gyroplane. The spinning rotor is not powered in flight. In the unlikely event of engine failure the rotor acts much like a parachute and gently floats you back to earth. The gyroplane looks similar to a helicopter but flies much more like a fixed wing aircraft. Fly with us and you will see what the 'gyro grin' is all about. This discovery flight also makes a great gift.

What to bring?

MTO Sport - Open Cockpit

The motorcycle of the sky, we don't need roads. Dress like you would for a motorcycle ride. Windscreens keep the majority of air off of you and it is quite comfortable. The visibility is awesome. You become the bird. A flight in a MTO Sport should not be missed. Requirements: You must be less than 285 lbs. You must be 18 yrs old or come with your parents. Nothing loose or able to fall from your pockets will be allowed.


The sports car of gyroplanes. The Calidus is an enclosed, tandem seat gyroplane. Very comfortable and has cabin heat. Perfect for those that don't want to feel the breeze. Bring your phone or camera along. You must be 18 years old or come with your parents. If you weigh more than 225 lbs. please say so when you make reservations.


Feel the luxury of the leather seats. Some models may even have lumbar support controls and electric heated seats. Side by side seating tends to be a bit more sociable and calming for most passengers. You can bring your phone or camera along. You must be 18 years old or come with your parents. We have a 240 lbs weight limit for passengers in the Cavalon.