Summer Begins! NYC Hudson River Flight.

What better way to celebrate the beginning of summer! Five gyroplanes flew to NYC to enjoy the awesome scenery of the Hudson River Corridor. All pilots were required to take the online safety course for special flight procedures the FAA has in place for flights in the ‘exclusion’. What a great trip and no better way to experience it than in a gyroplane. There will be a photo album on this web page that will have the pictures from all participants.

We started the trip off by meeting up at Monmouth Exec Airport (BLM). We then flew as a loosely organized group along the shoreline of Sandy Hook Park to the southside entrance to the Hudson River Corridor. Local flights have to be below 1000 feet. We had previously decided to be at 800 since tour operators in the area usually fly at 600 feet. As we approached Governors Island we turned to fly around the Statue of Liberty for two circuits. Only a few people get this view of the Statue. After those two circuits we headed north and by the Freedom Tower, the Intrepid, Central Park and over the George Washington Bridge. After exiting on the north end of the corridor we made a left and flew direct to Lincoln Park Airport for lunch at the Sunset Grill. We enjoyed  lunch and the great company and all went to our home bases. Where to next? Maybe Kitty Hawk?