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Existing Pilots

If you already hold a pilot certificate you can add Rotorcraft-Gyroplane rating to your existing pilot certificate.

New Pilots

Not a pilot? New to aviation? We can help get you into the air and on your way to earning pilot privileges.

Intro Flights

Never been in a gyro? We have offer half hour discovery flight lessons. On this flight you can get hands on training and discover the thrill of gyroplane flight.


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First Solo

Congrats to Dale! Dale got to solo his Cavalon on December 1. Hard work, patience and the desire to have […]

Summer Begins! NYC Hudson River Flight.

What better way to celebrate the beginning of summer! Five gyroplanes flew to NYC to enjoy the awesome scenery of […]


March 25, 2017 – A few days ago gyroplane CFI Tom McKnight and new Cavalon owner Adam G. left Bay […]

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